No assignment is too big....

or too small

There is a Toastmaster within the Toastmaster Partnership to cover all eventualities.

Whether one is leading a Royal Guest with attendant procession into a Naval Dinner on board HMS Warrior in Portsmouth Dockyard,

Or explaining to a Bride and Bridegroom how to cut the Wedding Cake with a military sword.

Or maybe just looking after a personality who turns up unexpectedly to wish the Bride well.

Maybe even moving the decoration so the right background is set for a photo shoot,

A Toastmaster from the Toastmaster Partnership will make your function a most enjoyable occasion for you as the organiser. You’ve planned everything down to the last detail, now let us ensure all your carefully-laid plans are carried out. We do in the region of 400 weddings a year - let that experience work for you!


In 1993 the Toastmaster Partnership was formed by a number of fully qualified Toastmasters to ensure that anyone making a booking with them is guaranteed a Toastmaster who is not only fully qualified, but also knowledgeable and experienced for the type of function at which they are being asked to officiate.

Toastmaster at Indian wedding

It was amazing how many Toastmasters took (and still take) bookings which not only are they not qualified to do, but have never even seen before accepting the engagement.

The Wedding Industry alone is vast and very broadly based, and when one considers that the difference between an Asian Punjabi Wedding and a Jewish Wedding is like asking someone who usually drives a mini to jump in and drive a tank. It is so easy to engage someone who is not suitable to guide you through one of the most important occasions of your life.

Whether you are a Bride and Bridegroom or the chairman or presiding person at a corporate, charity or civil function, it’s so important to get the right Toastmaster for the occasion.

This is why no one is invited to become a Partner within The Toastmaster Partnership, unless they are Fully Trained and Qualified by a recognised Toastmastering Organisation, and have at least five years' practical experience. We are not saying all our Partners are qualified in every discipline in which the Partnership works, but within our organisation we have a very wide range of skills and expertise, and we can provide a Toastmaster who is knowledgeable and suited for all types of functions.

Self-praise is not worth having, and for this reason we advise you to get an independent reference as to a Toastmaster’s suitability for the function in question. Here at the Toastmaster Partnership we deal and allocate somewhere in the region of 1250 Toastmastering engagements per year, and have a client list which includes some of the most prestigious venues, caterers and clients in the country. We will gladly provide you with an independent reference if required.

These are some of the reasons you would be advised to engage a Toastmaster from the Toastmaster Partnership for your next function.